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Car Battery Service & Installation in Warwick, RI

Stop searching for the best place to replace your car battery, and start relying on your nearest INFINITI Retailer in Warwick. We offer top batteries for any vehicle, and exceptional service you won't find elsewhere.

Is It Time for a Car Battery Diagnostic & Replacement in Warwick?

Your vehicle's battery is responsible for supplying the power necessary to crank your engine. In addition, the battery powers features and accessories, such as your vehicle lights, wipers, stereo and computer system. Luckily, you don't have to get under the hood to find out if it's time to replace a car battery. Your vehicle will notify you in with a few common symptoms. A dying car battery could cause your vehicle, INFINITI or otherwise, to crank much slower than normal when starting. You may also experience clicking noises when you turn on the ignition. Interior dome and dashboard lights may start to dim and flicker, and the battery light on your dash may come on. Additionally, if your vehicle constantly needs to be jump-started, you likely need a new car battery.

The technicians at INFINITI in Warwick can help you take care of your battery. They can check the level of charge it has, complete battery-related repairs and recommend a new battery, as needed. Just visit us in your INFINITI for a complimentary battery inspection* where a trained expert will run a test on your car battery and notify you if you need a new one. If your battery is still working most of the time for your Warwick drives, it can be tempting to put off battery inspection and replacement services. But, doing so could create extra frustration if your car suddenly doesn't have enough power to crank. Forge ahead with a fully charged battery and excellent service to match.

Power Up with Confidence With a Replacement Car Battery | Warwick, RI

It's quick and easy to get a new car battery installed in Warwick. Your nearby INFINITI Retailer can install a new battery in almost any vehicle, even non-INFINITI models. Best of all, battery inspections and replacement are on the easy Express Service menu at participating INFINTI locations.** You get the reliable battery service you want, without the hassle of making an appointment. Bring us your vehicle during one of our Express Service time frames for car battery repair and replacement in Warwick. While we work, sit back and relax in a comfortable waiting area, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments. As soon as your car battery installation is complete, you'll be on your way with the supreme confidence of knowing your vehicle was serviced by experienced auto pros who prioritize excellence. Stop by during Express Service hours or schedule an appointment online for battery replacement and service in Warwick, RI.**

*Certain restrictions apply. See Retailer for details. No cash value. INFINITI vehicles only. Void where prohibited.

**Express Service is not available at all Retailers. Please contact your local INFINITI Retailer to confirm availability.  

* Certain restrictions apply. See Retailer for details No cash value. INFINITI vehicles only. Void where prohibited.