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The feeling of driving an INFINITI is unmistakable. Service at your INFINITI retailer is much the same. Make an appointment today to enjoy the highest level of care and an abundance of amenities.

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Outstanding Brake Repair Shop in Palmetto Bay, FL

The professionals at your nearest Palmetto Bay INFINITI Retailer are here to help you stop in style. Trust INFINITI to service your brake rotors, pads, lights and more — regardless of if you drive an INFINITI vehicle.

Signs You May Need a Car Brake Service in Palmetto Bay, FL

The brakes are a crucial part of your vehicle, and you depend on them each time you head out onto Palmetto Bay streets. When a brake component becomes worn, you’re like to note a difference in your brakes' performance. Look out for signs you may need to have your brakes serviced, such as the brake warning light turning on; grinding or squealing noises while braking; a brake pedal that feels soft, spongy, or hard to push; your braking distance increasing; and vibrating or shaking while braking. If you encounter one or more of these problems, schedule an appointment for a brake inspection* at a participating Palmetto Bay, FL INFINITI Retailer immediately.

Your local participating INFINITI Retailer offers complimentary brake inspections* in Palmetto Bay, FL as part of our complimentary multi-point inspection. A highly-qualified technician will thoroughly examine your brake system to ensure every part is working correctly. If they uncover an issue, our experienced Palmetto Bay technicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to repair it and get your vehicle back on the road in style.

*Certain restrictions apply. See Retailer for details No cash value. INFINITI vehicles only. Void where prohibited.

Rotor and Brake Pad Service Near Me in Palmetto Bay, FL

Routine brake pad and rotor replacement are crucial for responsible brake maintenance. When you hit the brakes in a disc brake system, the pad presses against the rotor (or disc) to produce the friction required to stop the movement of your wheels. This friction can wear out the brake components as the miles pass, but when should you replace your pads and rotors? How long your pads and rotors last depends on your driving and stopping habits. Normally, you should replace your pads when they are less than 1/4 inch thick and the rotors when they become cracked, grooved, warped or too thin. If you think it's time to have your brake pads or rotors replaced in Palmetto Bay, visit the knowledgeable professionals at your nearby Florida INFINITI Retailer.

Brake Fluid Service and Brake Line Repair Near Me in Palmetto Bay, FL

When you push down on the brake pedal, brake fluid makes its way to your front and rear brakes through the brake lines. You should normally replace your brake fluid every two years, but you want to consult your owner's manual for the exact maintenance interval. If you're due for a brake fluid change, you might notice your braking performance decrease, and we recommend making a service appointment at your Palmetto Bay INFINITI Retailer.

On the contrary, brake lines do not require regular replacement. Yet, salt, dirt, moisture and other road debris from Palmetto Bay streets can corrode your brake lines over time. If you spot a brake fluid leak or have a soft brake pedal, a brake line issue could be the cause. The specialists at your INFINITI Retailer can help identify the issue and provide brake line repair in Palmetto Bay, FL.

Brake Light Repair Near Me in Palmetto Bay, FL

Your vehicle's brake lights are a crucial safety feature that signals to other drivers when you are slowing down or stopping. Unfortunately, all lights burn out at some point, and you need to change out your brake light if it’s too dim or goes out completely. The technicians at your nearest INFINITI Retailer can perform diagnostics to ensure the problem is the brake light itself, not the brake light switch. They can then install a new brake light to help you head back out on Palmetto Bay streets.

Turn to INFINITI in Palmetto Bay, FL for Brake Repairs or Maintenance

Why select INFINITI in Palmetto Bay for brake repair and maintenance? We not only have factory-trained technicians taking care of your vehicle, but we also provide a comfortable and convenient service experience. While our technicians are hard at work, you can sit back in a comfortable waiting area and take advantage of our complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments.* And you don't even have to drive an INFINITI to enjoy the INFINITI service experience. Our team can perform maintenance and repairs on most vehicle makes and models.

Anyone can service your brakes, but only INFINITI delivers the quality experience you expect from a reputable, revolutionary brand. Whether you need to replace your brake rotors or your brake fluid is due for a replacement, you can rely on INFINITI for exceptional service and satisfaction. Schedule a brake service appointment at your closest INFINITI Retailer in Palmetto Bay, FL today.

*Amenities vary by Retailer.

* Certain restrictions apply. See Retailer for details No cash value. INFINITI vehicles only. Void where prohibited.